Maiko L.S.A. aka Karolina Paceviciute was born in Lithuania in 1991. She is currently based in Spain, after livin 12 years in Italy, where she organizes psy trance parties since 2009. In 2013, after an intense travel experience to several European music festivals, she started her first project by collecting all her unfinished ideas to create a series of psychedelic and visionary artworks. Her style is unique and, by itsí intense nature, touches parts of the self that were unfelt before. Maiko L.S.A.sí paintings have been exposed in the art galleries of some of the most renowned psy festivals in Europe, such as O.Z.O.R.A. in Hungary and Freqs of Nature in Germany.
to me, visionary art is about expressing something that not all people can see or feel or understand. My art is born from experiences, feelings, from the desire to manifest whatís inside every person and what is going on around us in my own special way. I do so by mixing an experience and the wisdom Iíve gained from it to create a clearer vision of the real world for everybody.